Connecting the unconnected.

A simple end-to-end connectivity solution,
from collection of data to publication into dashboards or APIs.

Our expertise

SMART BUILDING / Manage your buildings' energy consumption

Air conditioning, power, heating, humidity: connected devices help you reduce your everyday expenses.

SMART INDUSTRY / Modernize your manufacturing tools

The Industry of the Future is open to you today: set up the right tools to improve your productivity

SMART CITY / Make your area smarter

Digitize your city to optimize the services offered and improve internal processes.

OPEN DATA / Start your open data policy

Get involved with Open Data by making your data public and accessible to all.

They trust us

EDF Guyane
Plastic Omnium
Mc Donald's
Fitness Park
Cinéma Madiana
Green Technologie

Use cases

  • Identify energy-hogging appliances
  • Gather manufacturing data easily, thanks to smart devices
  • Optimize trash collection routes with sensors on the SIGFOX network
  • Publish an open data portal for your municipality

3 steps to take fully advantage of your data

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of your data
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in real time
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