We were invited by our partner, EDF Guiana, to exhibit our Mobapi TAC solution at EDF’s internal innovation show: Electric Days. This show was the second edition this year, and we were proud to be invited!


EDF relaunched this show this year to present the latest innovations to employees, partners, local authorities, and professionals in the sector. These different projects have been developed either internally or through a partnership with a start-up.

This year, more than 100 innovations were presented in the Grande Halle de la Villette, concerning four major themes:

  • Smart home: the smart home that consumes less and does it more efficiently.
  • Smart business: robotics, AI, connected objects, materials, and technologies for a more efficient and responsible industry of the future.
  • Smart city: efficiency, simplicity, security, and a good life in the connected city of tomorrow.
  • Low carbon generation: energy challenges and solutions with a low carbon footprint.

Demonstrations, conferences, and live sessions were held in parallel with the show to address the major challenges in the energy field, including self-consumption, electricity storage, electric mobility, and smart grids.


We were fully in our place in the “Smart business” category to present the solution we have been developing for a year in conjunction with the EDF Guiana teams. 

They came to us expressing a concrete need: how to digitize their production data, especially those of combustion turbines?

Based on our innovative connected object data processing platform, we enable EDF to carry out preventative maintenance operations on its industrial equipment and to make easier use of previously hidden data in the control rooms.

The data is extracted from the machines thanks to our Mobapi.BOX, securely returned to our Cloud, formatted, and finally, displayed in the form of dashboards and graphics available on computer, tablet, and smartphone.

We’ve gradually equipped all the turbines along the coast, then the tarps, and soon other means of production will be equipped with our technology. We also add more intelligence to this data, thanks to alerts that warn EDF’s technical teams of equipment malfunctions. In a few months, we will publish predictive maintenance features thanks to our ongoing work with deep learning. 

This partnership allowed us to actively work to respond quickly to the needs of operational teams. Thanks to EDF for the beautiful showcase that was offered to us during this event!

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