EDF Guyane has called upon Mobapi to help digitize their monitoring system for the production of electricity. We created a complete plan combining hardware devices and a software platform.

The Mobapi.Industrie solution

EDF Guyane’s production teams were facing several challenges, especially when trying to monitor the production of their gas turbines:

  • Accessing operational data on mobile platforms, in order to improve service quality and facilitate maintenance
  • Implementing a solution that meets DSI security regulations
  • Permitting communication among industrial systems which do not currently have such functionality
  • Combining data from industrial equipment using different technologies into one interface

Gathering data


For data gathering, we proposed installing a mobapi.BOX directly into the machine’s control mechanism. Configured by Mobapi, this is an industrial computer the size of a large smartphone.

The mobapi.box is connected to the Internet, allowing it to become a smart device which securely sends collected data to our cloud-based platform. To learn more about the mobapi.BOX, click here.

Once the data has been captured by the mobapi.BOX, it is sent to the mobapi.CORE, which performs formatting and calculations (average, minimum, maximum, threshold calculation, etc.) and creates customized APIs.

Data visualization platform

he formatted data is displayed on the mobapi.VISION web platform, a graphic interface customized according to the client’s requirements.

The data is displayed through graphs and dashboards, which can be configured and exported to allow for easy analysis.

A new collection of dashboards is created for each piece of production equipment connected to Mobapi. With this system, EDF is in possession of a unique platform which allows it to analyze and compare data about energy production in French Guiana as well as have total visibility into the operation of their equipment.

The software may be accessed though a computer or a smartphone. A secure, dedicated access is created for each user.

Benefits of this solution

EDF has tested this solution for several months. They are very satisfied and now wish to explore remote monitoring for other industrial subsystems.

The system greatly facilitates the daily management of their production environment. From an operational point of view, the monitoring is performed in a more detailed fashion, in semi-real-time. Technician visits can now be better planned and maintenance costs reduced. This non-intrusive solution for equipment can be rapidly made operational. Furthermore, the platform becomes a tool to help in decision-making, as the data it collects is trustworthy, uniform and presents a historical record.

EDF Guyane wished to share the added value of this innovative service in their daily work:

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