A few months ago, our team was faced with a big task: how to access electricity production data through mobile, given that the industrial system was never meant to be connected to the Internet? Our technical team stepped up to the challenge. We’ll tell you the story behind this project.

Connecting the Impossible

Non-connected production machineOur first visit to the client’s industrial site allowed us to evaluate the scope of the challenge. The systems we were to monitor remotely had been created before the Internet was even invented. Using data sent to a printer, we had to come up with an original and innovative solution to extract the information and display it into dashboards populated by our API.

After scouring hundreds of pages of documentation, searching the depths of the Internet, and consulting with specialists, we put together our expertise in electronics and IT to create a new data collection hardware. The solution we developed needed to be generic enough to suit the needs of energy producers seeking to improve the maintenance of their industrial systems.

Capturing Data from the source


We designed Mobapi.BOX, a smart, connected device that can collect the data generated by the energy production systems. This hardware then processes the data directly from the equipment, before transferring it to our cloud-based infrastructure. 

A secured system

Mobapi.BOX, which is the size of a large smartphone, operates autonomously and can only transfer data in one direction, thus keeping the systems secure. Installed right next to the energy production system, the hardware is configured to transmit read-only data to Mobapi. The hardware also maintains a secure web connection in order to transmit the data. Mobapi’s other bloc

ks then come into play: data storage and processing, then configuring the API, and displays via dashboards and graphs.


The hardware evolved quickly, and now allows for the equipment to be monitored remotely, relying on Micronet and General Electric control systems. There are infinite possibilities, and we are actively working on new connectors. We also developed compatibility with MQTT, MySQL, and Legrand EcoCompteur systems in order to use Mobapi within the scope of smart buildings.


Towards the digitalization of the Industry

Our Mobapi.BOX remote monitoring solution allows us to open up isolated data, without generating high infrastructure costs.

The advantages of this solution were proven several times over by energy producers looking to join the Information Age.
– Low-cost digitalization of their industrial equipment
– Data is finally mobile-accessible
– Our solution suits their security constraints

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