The Mobapi team is ready to welcome 3 new developers in Cayenne, French Guiana.


The Team

Our goal is to create innovations that will change the way organizations connect their data!

Mobapi allows organization and developer to customize their APIs. Entreprises will be able to supercharge their business development, reduce their costs and improve their content management. The project is developed by Bitwip, a high-growth startup located in the center of Cayenne in French Guiana.

Your personality

You are an ambitious and passionate person when it comes to your career: you enjoy understanding how software and apps work and you see to it that each detail of your lines of code is correct. You are interested in technological advances and wish to learn more about the API world, new technologies and startups.

Personally, you want to be part of a strong and dynamic team. You like to spice up your life by meeting challenges. You know how to find the balance between work and leisure and you are able to take decisions. You also like to have a certain degree of freedom in your work. Be ready to pack your bag tomorrow. We are located in South America, and the Amazon rainforest is only a 10 min drive. French Guiana is a region of France, so be ready to speak French and discover amazing Creole cuisine. French Guiana cannot be described, it must be experienced!

Here are the 3 profiles we are looking for:

Can you see yourself in one of these profiles? Please upload your résumé with a cover letter here: