Mobapi has just obtained the Sigfox Partner accreditation, becoming one of the suppliers of IoT platforms of the largest communication network for connected devices in the world.


The Sigfox connector

Would you like to know in real time the average temperature of a building covered by Sigfox equipment? Or do you want more access to the history of the data collected by these sensors?

Mobapi now offers a turnkey connector to access the data of millions of connected devices on Sigfox network. Within a few clicks, custom APIs can be created to access information from our customers’ IoT ecosystem.

There is no need for specific configuration; Mobapi automatically loads Sigfox settings to facilitate the retrieval and sharing of data from connected devices.

Furthermore, to give a memory to devices, we store all the values sent. Thanks to Mobapi’s data analysis engine, the connected devices become intelligent.

What is the Sigfox certification?

Our platform has been tested for several weeks by Sigfox teams who validated:

  • Mobapi’s ability to connect to a Sigfox account;
  • Mobapi’s architecture in terms of security and performance;
  • The process of creating callbacks and error handling followed by Mobapi;
  • The advantage of the Mobapi solution within the global Sigfox ecosystem;

You can have a look at our Sigfox partner page for more information.

About Sigfox

Sigfox is the leading provider of a global connectivity solution for the Internet of Things (IoT). The company has built a global network capable of connecting billions of objects to the Internet very simply, while reducing their energy consumption. The Sigfox network is now present in 28 countries, covering 424 million people, and will be in 60 countries by 2018. With millions of objects registered on its network and a growing partner ecosystem, Sigfox allows companies to deploy large-scale IoT solutions and accelerate the transformation of their business models to more services.

For its development in French Guiana and in French Caribbean islands, Mobapi has partnered with IDEO Caraïbes, Sigfox Network Operator in the area.

In other words, the Mobapi team goes crazy each time they see a butterfly!