The story behind Mobapi

In 2014, our team launched the first Mobapi MVP project – a BaaS platform that makes the management of mobile application content easier by automating data synchronization from a website.

How did we think of developing Mobapi? Let me tell you the story.

We’re a team made up of four developers, one product manager, one marketer, and one designer, and we’re based between Cayenne, French Guiana, and Barcelona, Spain. We’ve been creating websites and web apps for almost 10 years now, and we were among the first to release a mobile app in French Overseas Territories.

When working on mobile apps, one issue kept coming up: how can we retrieve data from existing platforms – a website, for instance – and display it in an app?

How do we keep the app content up-to-date when information is published on this same website?

We had to find a solution. We searched among the Backend as a service (BaaS) platforms and weren’t able to find quite what we were looking for. They aren’t designed to work with existing websites. Additionally, we also wanted to integrate a backend with mobile app builders.

So we created Mobapi – a name created by combining “Mobile” and “API.”

Our brand new cloud-based platform works as a BaaS,
as well as an API builder.

We set up Mobapi for content managers. We like to keep it simple: they can use our WordPress plugin to sync their website with their app.

We also made it for developers: they are free to add server side scripts and templates to polish their content.

We started thinking about Mobapi in 2012 and were proud to launch the first version of the project in 2014.

What’s next

Now we need to go further, pushing Mobapi to the next level in order to compete with major players in the BaaS ecosystem. This is why we have been funded by Alyse Guyane and Réseau Entreprendre Guyane to release a full product by the end of 2015.

Our team will showcase a sneak peek of the new Mobapi at Mobile World Congress 2015 (March 2-5 in Barcelona).

If you are a mobile developer or a website publisher, feel free to register to be on our waiting list, so you can be among the first to be notified of Mobapi news.

Keep in touch!

Founder and CEO