The data age is here.

Our goal: help you use data to optimize your business.

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Manage your buildings' energy consumption

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We help you install a comprehensive and easy-to-use system to be self-sufficient in monitoring your consumption.

Using connected sensors

Monitor energy and drinking water consumption, manage ambient temperature and humidity, air conditioning status, etc. IOT doesn't have to be complicated!

Real-time data monitoring

Our visualization platform lets you monitor data from all sensors, regardless of the maker. Accessible from a computer or a smartphone.


Modernize your manufacturing tools

The technical means to move your company toward Industry 4.0 already exist. We help you implement them to improve your productivity and monitor your business as closely as possible.

Secure connection to your production data

Your data are no longer isolated in your factories. You can access them any time you like.

Making your information systems work together

Centralize your flow of information to facilitate the exchange of data between services and optimize monitoring.

Smart Industry


Make your community smarter

Smart City

Being a Smart City means putting innovation at the heart of your approach in order to improve the functioning of city services and reduce operating expenses. This requires the creation of an intelligent, sustainable ecosystem.

Building a network of professional applications

With the goal of centralizing information, facilitating access to information, better analyzing it, and optimizing internal processes.

Connected services for a sustainable city

Intelligence waste collection, connected parking, connected public lighting, real-time monitoring of water quality…


Launch your open data portal

Many types of data are produced in communities, covering all of their fields of expertise. The identification, collection, organization, and graphic presentation of these data are indispensable. We help you do it quickly and easily.

A more transparent relationship with citizens

They know the costs and the measurable outcomes of your actions, and they have real-time access to useful information in their everyday lives (parking, transportation, trash collection, etc.)

New services using your open API

Your data become reusable information to develop innovative services that will energize your community.

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