Here’s a new feature that should appeal to fans of the Google productivity suite: the new Google Sheets connector, for transforming and sharing the data saved in your Google Sheets files.

Another connector on the Mobapi Marketplace

We want to help you take advantage of all your data… So we’re trying to offer you as many connectors as possible in order to use diverse data sources: connected objects, flat files, business software or web services.

We have developed and integrated the Google Sheets connector with this in mind, and we are actively working to regularly add new ones in our marketplace.

Why choose Mobapi for using your Google Sheets?

The benefit is not only to turn your Google Sheets into API, Google already allows you to do that. We allow you to add super powers to your data so that your API is more intelligent.

A few examples:

  • You can choose your spreadsheet, and also the tabs and even the cell ranges which interest you. Reassemble only the data included in cells B10 to D30 for example.
  • Would you like to use your Google Sheets as databases? You will probably need to format the names or transform certain data: That’s what The API Builder is for.
  • Go further thanks to our data analysis engine that will allow you to group, filter and sort your data. 
  • JSON feed will be ready to use with just one call, without any additional processing, without any metadata owners, and the authentication is managed by Mobapi. Take OAuth for example, no need to refresh the access tokens when they expire and repeat 3 calls for the Oauth transaction.

To better understand, go see our Google Sheets file, and then compare the two APIs that we have generated:

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Ready to give it a try?

Here’s a summary of the 4 steps for configuring your 1st Google Sheets endpoint in just a few minutes and without encoding:

  1. Click on “Create an endpoint” and select the Google Sheets connector
  2. Enter your Google account and grant the necessary permissions to Mobapi
  3. Choose the data to be reassembled in your API (spreadsheets, tabs or cell ranges)
    google sheets
  4. Name your endpoint. And there you go, your API is ready! All you need to do is make the changes that you may need. And no need to worry! Your data is not kept by Mobapi, it only passes through…

Tip: To make the creation of your endpoints easier, we try to give you advice at every step. But don’t forget to read our documentation

Would you like to use another connector that isn’t available yet on Mobapi? Please tell us! We’ll see if we can develop and quickly integrate it.