Mobapi boosts your data projects

Our technology combines three innovative components designed to accelerate the deployment of your solutions.


Our ready-to-use connectors for rapid access to your data.

Combining data from connected devices made by different manufacturers and using various networks? Collecting data spread within your information system? It's possible!

No matter what your data sources are, we almost certainly have a connector already developed. If not, we are also open to developing new connectors that are better suited to your business.











Smart Impulse


Google Sheets

Mobapi Combine


We can also develop custom connectors for your projects: connected devices, APIs, databases...


The engine that transforms your data into advanced APIs.

Developed over the course of two years by a team of experts, this engine is the very heart of Mobapi's innovation, a precious tool to provide maximum preparation to data before they are depicted in a graph: historical record, harmonization of formats, calculations, averages...

Mobapi.CORE is accessible in SaaS mode. You can access it freely during the development of your project if you desire. The detailed documentation of the software is also at your disposal.


Your custom web portal to visualize your data.

Graphs, dashboards, maps, and custom APIs are published on your portal. All you need to do in order to analyze, comment, and/or share information related to your business is to access your portal.

The platform can be accessible to all in order to support an OPEN DATA policy, or it can be secured for internal monitoring within your company. You decide!

Collectez vos données acce Mobapi

VISION in summary…

  • Accessible from a computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Clear, interactive, custom visualizations
  • Respect of your graphic design guidelines
  • Data export via API or Excel files

Our main asssets

Data expertise

An innovative and secured software, Un logiciel innovant et sécurisé, rewarded a couple of times.


We used to work on web projects, we are UX experts.

Speed of delivery

We have a SaaS model, so your project can be ready in a couple of days.


Our dataviz platform has millions of possible combinations.