Hi there,

Here’s a look at what our team has been building and designing these last few weeks.

Understand your endpoint usage with analytics

We introduced analytics on each endpoint. This feature allows you to display detailed data usage for the last 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. Go to the new “Analytics” tab on existing endpoints to start browsing our nice charts.

Sneak peek into your API with JSON preview

The preview of your endpoint is now going through the Data Analyzer. What does it mean? Previously, we were only showing output from the API Builder, ignoring filtering and sorting parameters. This is now fixed and you can preview your JSON feeds in all their glory!

Copy easily your endpoints with cloning

Up until now, if you wanted to test different configurations for your API feeds, you had to start each endpoint configuration from scratch. We added the “1-click cloning” feature to copy an existing endpoint without having to go through the data source settings screens all over again.