Hi there,

We’ve been working very hard to supercharge your APIs with awesome advanced features. Here’s a look at what’s new.

Server-side code

New server-side code panel

You can now write server code to run functions directly on Mobapi, extending your APIs with custom Javascript. This opens up several new functionalities, like dynamically fetching data from external APIs to enrich your endpoints. We’re looking forward to seeing what you create!

Endpoint home screen

New endpoint home-page

User Experience is in our DNA. That’s why we totally redesigned the home screen of your endpoints. You can now view data analytics straight from the page. Settings and transformation are just a click away.

Turn the French presidential elections into an API

Le Monde – French presidential elections

What is the purpose of working hard on producing or collecting data if we keep it secretly to ourselves and don’t open it to others? We created an API out of the presidential datasets in a glance. Let’s see how we put raw data into action in a few minutes…